Transcending Fear

The Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment

Transcending Fear is the process my inner-therapist gave me to fix my life after it had fallen apart. What I didn’t know until discovering this process is that the reason I had never found real and lasting happiness was because of fear-based beliefs from my early childhood. The principles in this book turned my life right-side up and led me to becoming who I am today.


This book is for…
  • People who were raised in a very strict and/or abusive environment
  • Those who have recently experienced a personal crisis and are looking for answers to fix their life.
  • Anyone who is ready to check their emotional baggage and set themselves free
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About Victoria

I am Victoria, I’m a Spiritual Luminary. Some people call me an oracle. I’m here to help people navigate their Shake Awake, aka the Global Great Awakening and help raise human consciousness so that together we can create a New Earth based in love, freedom and peace.

Since 2010, after my own Holy Shift (and a few other names…) I’ve been teaching spiritual concepts and helping students create more inspired lives. Everything I teach comes from personal experience and what Spirit inspires through me. I teach practical spirituality and yes, I am a little woo-woo, but hopefully not so over the top that I seem totally wack (a term I picked up from my teenagers.)

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