Transforming Barriers into Frontiers

Sapphire West partners with a variety of organizations, through executive training, strategic planning and facilitation – helping female leaders, senior executives, CEO’s, boards of directors, nonprofits and political candidates improve their organizational function and strengthen their ‘sisu.’

Our firm specializes in turning obstacles into opportunities. We provide executive-level support and strategic counsel to a broad range of clients, including corporations, non-profits, government agencies, start-ups, and trade associations. Our clients represent women in aerospace and defense, women running for office for the first time, and leaders in a variety of industries including tech, wellness, food policy, and secondary and post-secondary schools.

We work with companies with at least one woman in the C-Suite. With programs and coaching focused on supporting women, we facilitate high-level, strategic dialogues to help strengthen organizations and support leaders in resolving complex issues through creative and sustainable solutions.

why sapphire West?

We’d both witnessed capable, intelligent, bad-ass women stop short of what they could achieve one too many times. We put our heads together to try to figure out a way to combine our experiences into something that could help advance us all.

It’s not always about the big huge decisions. A destination is the culmination of a million tiny steps, right? We, women, so often shoot ourselves in the foot before we even get out the door. I don’t think we even realize how often fear is driving the car, so to speak. But when we step outside ourselves and assess our behaviors, when we focus not on beating ourselves up but instead training to put ourselves in the way of success, fear takes its hands off the wheel and takes a backseat. With sisu at the helm, it is full steam ahead.