We work with women who are affecting change in business, politics, education, and global leadership.

Courage is defined as ‘the ability to do something that frightens one.’ Throughout history, women have stood up against insurmountable odds, and our world is a better place for it. Their remarkable triumphs prodded society to grow and evolve.

But Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Mary Wollstonecraft, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, countless others – were more than courageous. We believe they were and are driven by a force far more complex and multi-faceted, a white-knuckle determination fueled by conviction, confidence, tenacity and perseverance. It’s what in Finland is known as sisu.

But where does sisu come from? Is it something some of us are born with, something to be had or not had?

Sisu is both action and mindset, a life philosophy that builds a bridge between Now and What’s Next. At Sapphire West, we believe every woman has sisu. Our mission is to help you tap into it.

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