Free yourself from the fear-based reality and create a life you absolutely love.

Your life doesn’t have to be dictated by fear. You don’t have to be stressed out about the future. You don’t have to be afraid of what’s ahead. You can absolutely love your life!

Whether you are Newly Awakened from the most recent Shake Awake and wondering how to navigate your new normal, a Spiritual Newbie who has just had a huge Aha and looking for answers, or a Light Worker who has had your Holy Shift and is looking for greater awareness and community, you’ve arrived home.

I’m devoted to helping those in transition, Light Workers, Patriots and Newly Awakened, understand why life hasn’t always worked out, their reason for being and create ridiculously happy lives where everyone thrives.

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Insight and inspiration

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Tools and Training

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About Victoria

I am Victoria, I’m a Spiritual Luminary. Some people call me an oracle. I’m here to help people navigate their Shake Awake, aka the Global Great Awakening and help raise human consciousness so that together we can create a New Earth based in love, freedom and peace.

Since 2010, after my own Holy Shift (and a few other names…) I’ve been teaching spiritual concepts and helping students create more inspired lives. Everything I teach comes from personal experience and what Spirit inspires through me. I teach practical spirituality and yes, I am a little woo-woo, but hopefully not so over the top that I seem totally wack (a term I picked up from my teenagers.)

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Membership to the Fearless and Free Community

A community where members can feel comfortable talking about their questions and concerns as well as celebrating their a mutually supportive, infinitely accepting, and highly inspiring space. Where we all work, play, grow and ascend together.

This is for individuals who are ready to up their game and want to make a REAL difference in the world. And lock arm in arm with others who want to do the same. The point of this community is to help each other grow , to lift each other up and have a community of like-hearted and like-minded people on similar paths.