Be who YOU
   came here to be.

Discover the truth of who you were created to be and reconnect with your unique purpose!

Why do people lose sight of their life’s purpose?

Unfortunately, their true self gets buried under years of conditioning, unhelpful beliefs that come from well-meaning people, or the world telling them who or what they should or shouldn’t be. The good news? Underneath all that debris, the True Self patiently waits.

Work with LaRue

An all too common occurrence is that people get hung up on titles, degrees, and positions which can throw them off track and looking for the wrong thing and going in the wrong direction.

Your purpose is so much bigger than any
impressive degree, role or title.

When you clarify the essence of your purpose (not just the form, role, title or job description), an entire world of possibilities opens to you. Prepare to be liberated and amazed!


Utilize one of your greatest innate abilities, often disparaged by others, that is a vital key to your purpose and your future. In fact, without this, you’ll likely never discover your purpose or have the success you


Put the puzzle pieces of your purpose together that’s been unfolding since your birth. Some people find this exercise enlightening and inspiring!


Clarify the essence of your purpose so that you can create it or recognize it when your purpose appears, either in the outer world or through direct inner-knowing.

I got in just one hour with LaRue what I spent 7 years trying to resolve in therapy.

Rose Burnham

I just had to email you and let you know something wonderful. I woke up today EXCITED! Not for anything specific, just the thrill of what could happen today! I literally jumped out of bed!!For the last two years, I have had to lay in bed and meditate "I love myself" 100 times before I could find the energy to FORCE myself out of bed, for what felt like, no reason. Also, I didn't have ONE panic attack for my safety when I went to the gym alone this morning. I haven't willing gone alone anywhere in 6+ years. It was disabling fear. But I didn't even THINK one thought of panic because I was too busy being happy!

Camille Saleeba | Austin, TX

I have such gratitude to you for so much. Your kindness, clarity and openness. Thank you for choosing this work. I think it is so valuable and the immediate results are just uncanny. I did a year of psychotherapy 5 years ago and came out feeling worse and I never had any healing. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Avril M. | Sydney, Austrailia

About LaRue

I’ve spent the past 30 years coaching & helping people from around the world thorough my signature Evo-K system, a scientific method that helps you reconnect with your soul’s wisdom and purpose.

I suffered for years with health issues, financial hardship, shame, pain & depression and was even suicidal. After a wake-up-call from my Soul, and finding a way to transform those challenges, in 1996 I developed the Evo-K Method, a system to help people not have to suffer as I had.

Evo-k allows people to have a 2-way communication with their own soul’s intelligence.

It doesn’t have to take you years of struggle to get to an elevated place, or to start living your purpose. You have the answers within, and if you don’t know how to access those answers, I can help you not only obtain your answers but can teach you how to do it for yourself directly.

What is it costing you not to have immediate access to your Soul’s truth and guidance, and to your Purpose? Maybe it’s your health, your finances or your relationship with someone you love. Or, maybe you feel lost like a ship drifting through life without a sail and the dissatisfaction or fear that comes from that. Whatever it may be for you, you can change it and it’s never too late.

The sooner you get started, the sooner things will change!

Let’s make sure that when you get to the end of your life and you draw your last breath, you leave this earth knowing that YOU filled your MISSION and REASON for Being YOU!

The Purpose Guide you will receive 3 clarifying exercises to help you:

Learn the 2 types of purpose and why these distinctions are Important to living your purpose. Without these distinctions, people can fritter away years of their life.
Learn the Vital Distinction Between Your Purpose and a Vocation.
Do (3) exercises to help you get to the root of your deepest desires. When actions are taken from your deepest truth, miracles happen and doors of opportunity open in unexpected ways.
Align your Outer Life with your Soul by utilizing the Soul Star Mediation (included with the Guide). This meditation accelerates spiritual development, increases intuitive awareness by clearing negative patterns, and energetic debris that are barriers to union with your Soul and your Soul’s Purpose