Laurie A. Watkins is a former Policy Director and Presidential Appointee to President Barack Obama. She’s also a coach, executive speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the award-winning book, Go from Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers.

With over 17 years of leadership, policy, communications, and legislative experience, Laurie has worked for and amongst some of the most highly respected and elected people in the country (from Congress, to the Assistant Secretary of the Army, all the way up to President of the United States). She has been a leader on numerous winning high-performance teams, which includes an impressive and diverse array of projects.

As a manager of business development in the aerospace and aviation industries, Laurie developed growth strategies which created long-term value for the organization, customers, and markets. She is currently a member of Women in Aerospace and is a strong advocate for women and girls in STEM.

Laurie is a South Florida native who is passionate and has expertise in health, food security, women in the military, and equal access to education for young women and girls. She received the honor of being selected as a guest lecturer at West Point. Her specialization was in redefining modern political strategy, but she also lent her experience working on Presidential campaigns.

Laurie’s work has been featured in Foreign Policy Association, InStyle, The Hill, and The Huffington Post, to name a few. She is also a Truman National Security Partner, and member of the International Association of Women.

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